Emre Korkut Or

I was born in Ankara in 1968

After completing my elementary and high school study in Adana, I came to Ankara for my college education and settled here.

During this time, although I tried to play different instruments, I realized I would never profess any of them as successful as I wish to, so I decided to deal with music on other channels.

Since my university years, I played music on different occasions. In the meantime, I grew a desire to make radio programs which I could realize in 1999.

In 1999, together with my dear friend Mehmet TÜMER, I began to make “Tavanarasi” program on RadyoODTU, where I had a chance to play my extensive archive made up of classic rock music.

During this time, being unable to dodge my wife’s insistent demands, I started the Argentine Tango. Our first instructors Figen and Servet MORAN caused us to love this dance by making us convince that even I can do the tango. Later on, the tango, especially the tango music grew into a desire in me which led me to start making my own music archive. Meanwhile, with Ali ISIKLI who taught tango in the same school, I began to make a radio program “Tangora” on RadyoODTU which was the second tango program at that time in Turkey.

During this time, I began my DJ career by making music in different milongas in Ankara. For a while, we organized our own milongas with Ali ISIKLI.

Our daughter was born in 2005. In order to spend more time with her, I stopped doing radio shows which I really enjoyed. But since my passion continued, I commerced “TangoPort”, a portal dedicated to tango music and videos. Later, I stated the “TangoPort Radio” under “TangoPort” which gave me a chance to return to radio programming.

From 2009 onwards, I started DJing in milongas again. I played at a festival for the first time during Antalya Tango Meeting. After this eight-hour-long performance, I began to play at festivals and larger organizations.

I concentrated my amateur photography on this area after I started tango from which you can find samples in the Gallery section. All of the pictures on this site belong to me.

May 19 Tango Festival
İstanbul Tango Marathon
İstanbul Tango Festival